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      xổ số miền nam dự đoán

      The Wolf presents new poetry three times a year and is edited by James Byrne.

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      The Wolf 35 is available to buy

      Included in this issue: Exclusive interview with Geraldine Monk. Reviews of Nathan Walker and Amali Rodrigo. 'Barometers' by Ilya Kaminsky and Chris McCabe, 'Changing all that is Metal...'. Poems from Robert Sheppard, Ilya Kaminsky, Niall McDevitt, Rachael Allen, Ashur Etwebi, new Cuban poets and more.
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      About The Wolf

      The Wolf magazine was founded in April 2002 by James Byrne and Nicholas Cobic with a clear emphasis on publishing emerging new poets alongside more established writers.

      It is now published three times a year and edited by James Byrne .

      Arts Council support has also enabled a more transatlantic and internationally-minded poetry magazine and the continued solicitation of high-quality critical prose.

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      The Current Issue

      The current issue is packed with poems, reviews and interviews.

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      Hear the Wolf poets read their work.

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      The Wolf at the Poetry Library

      The Wolf on poetrymagazines.org.uk - all of issues 6, 10 and 11


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